Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sweet packaging.

Moff has posted a sweet "Pride of Arabia" package design on some roasted coffe beans he picked up from his local Canadian supermarket.

Here's one I picked up in France. It's the striking circa 1930's le cabanon chilli paste which tastes more like coriander than chilli although it has a bite to it. You squeeze it out like toothpaste from the tube. It appears two different graphic deigners drew the two groups of chillies, never still works for me.

Another one I was going to bring back from France was the Banania box which has the same brilliant colours. I didn't bring it back suspecting it would be seized by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection service on the flight in. They're tough on "raw foodstuffs" coming in on flights. Banania has powdered bananas in it, so I wasn't taking chances.

The design is not that politically correct these days either.


  • Powdered bananas? Yhe Harrisa I know well. My mother-in-law used to make a lamb tagine (sp? North African Stew with dates and chick peas and coriander hmmmmmm) and the heat of the paste was the perfect complement. I'll see if I can;t get a better photo of the Pride of Arabia coffee package, the colours are much richer than the cam on my cellphone allows.

    By Anonymous moff, at 8:32 pm  

  • Cool, thanks Moff. I'd like to try your Mum's recipe one day too :)

    By Blogger Johnno, at 4:46 pm  

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