Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tuesday morning breakfast

Why have birds in cages when they come right to your door? Click the above pic for a better view.

I leave some seeds in the railing from time to time and get some visitors. These are rainbow lorikeets which come in some lovely hues of purple, green, orange, yellow and red. Their song isn't as beautiful as their plumage (they tend to squawk a bit) and they hop around on both feet which is comical to see. I've posted some pics before but this is some different ones on a different day.

They live on seeds and flower nectar, I don't try to leave seeds out too often as they can become reliant and eventually stop looking for food naturally. But a visit from time to time is appreciated by both parties. A kinda win-win situation.

As the Catalytic Convertor says

"I encourage you to visit his blog, The Open Mind, where he will regale you with pictures of parrots and tales of obscure COINTELPRO activities."

Not a bad byline! Anyway, today's one of those days when the COINTELPRO takes a backseat to the cockies.


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