Sunday, May 08, 2005

Blogging without frontiers.

Adam Shostack in the States has an article on his blog Emergent Chaos about the current "Anonymous Blogging Roundtable" held recently in Tennesee focussing on countries you can get locked up for blogging as well as some "within the borders" censorship issues.

Adam may be wondering why he is getting no comments, it's because they aren't working. Tried a couple of times with blank results.

Anyway Adam writes:

I think the roundtable went well. Mark Glasser started us off with a review of the state of the world, with China having 67 bloggers in jail, Bahrain requiring bloggers to register, Cuba having a black market in email accounts with one costing $240, out of an average annual income of $1700.

We talked a lot about technology, and less than I would have liked about what holds people back from blogging. Hossein Derakhshan had some great input both at the panel and afterwards about the need for a variety of reading tools...Reporters Sans Frontiers has a list of issues country by country. (I'm in his "Building a bloggosphere" talk now, and he again mentioned that his blog has more readers via email than web or RSS, and that he evades blocks by buying new domains.)

I first came across the Reporters Sans Frontiers website via Adam's blog, it makes for some depressive reading given the relatively freer nature of blogging and reporting in the west (or so we think).

Take note of the CBS Iraqi national being held in Iraq by the USA for a month now with no evidence against him. There seems to be much less hue and cry going out for Abdel Amir Hussein than Aussie engineer Douglas Wood who seems to have had some exposure and knowledge of the workings of Bechtel subcontracting work. I suppose someone has to rebuild and profit from all that stuff has been bombed liberated that seemed to be working before.


  • Although no where as serious as being locked up for blogging, I was fired for bloggin back in December. I don't need to get into the specifics, but I was basically fired because the owners of the restaurant didn't like what they found on my blog.

    That's when the Angry Sicilian came up with the great idea to use the Internet to flex our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech.

    Go to google and type in the phrase 'gastrointestinal dysentery' and hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. The results are the product of our succesful google bomb.

    By Blogger OSB, at 12:06 pm  

  • Ha! I just did the google thing and can see how you did the google bomb deal from your blog.

    Remember the dark side uses these methods as well

    I can't remember how I cam across your blog, it was either through the Angry Sicilian or hitting yours first via the cool "next blog" thingy up top.

    Anyway IMHO it is one of the most well laid out pleasing on the eye blogs around. Being a half good writer helps as well :-)

    By Blogger Johnno, at 3:06 pm  

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