Friday, May 13, 2005

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I found this t the St James Ethics Centre in Sydney. It was written by Simon Longstaff in 1996. It is more directed towards coporate governance but can be applied to the mass media, government policy, vox pouli etc.

What is pertinent to today, is how the Machiavellian "fear factor" seems to label "bad guys" such as "terrorists", "illegal immigrants" and "insurgents" thus allowing dubious legislation, executive orders and "legitimate actions"under the radar; playing on that very fear. Everyone comes under these new rules to protect us and if we are innocent then no harm will be done to us. Subservience of the majority to protect from a very small minority seems to be the norm. This seems to give rise to very broad and draconian laws.

The "bad apple" view of humanity by Robespierre can be used to describe such fuzzy subgroups such as "immigrants" (dropping the illegal bit),"youth", "Iraqi wardens" or "entrepeneurs" with a few breaking the rules and spoiling perception of the publics opinion of the whole. The bad apples are marginalised, reformed and in some cases eliminated. Isolation of that small minority from the majority seems to be the norm. Laws which arise from this seem to be very specific for specific crimes against society (this in some cases can be abused).

Lastly, the essentially good and virtuous (but flawed with selfishness) view of humanity is espoused by Rousseau, which seems to be how one views oneself and the general group one is in.
Inclusiveness is the norm in this case. No laws would be required in this instance as humanity would rely on such feel-good concepts as morality, compassion, ethics and virtue. Perhaps this would come under the field of common laws?

One hopes for the humanity of Rousseau, realises the world of Robespierre and can see the methods of Machiavelli in action with these dreadful "clamping down" bills.

Anyway the article is here, Longstaff articulates the subject much better than I.


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