Monday, June 13, 2005

The long weekend gongs

gong: Aust and British colloq. A medal or decoration.

On appelle ça des hochets, je sais, on l'a dit déjà. Et bien, j'ai répondu que c'est avec des hochets que l'on mène les hommes. — "These are called [trinkets], I know, it has already been said. Well, I answered that it's with [trinkets] that you lead people."- Napoleon

The Queen's birthday sees the majority of the unwashed masses getting a day off and a small amount of the top honours going to Australians in the form of the Order of Australia (AC) Companion in the General Division.

The seven recipients of the top gong are made up of three politicians, one cardinal, one socialite (already a Dame) a high ranking CEO and a humanitarian worker. Politicians and Judges seem to figure prominently as one works their way down the list of less significant awards.

Just an observation.


  • Its the same with any nationwide "award"

    Take Father of the Year. When has it ever been some guy we never heard of who just happens to be the absolutely most brilliant dad in the world, who spends all their time with their kids and doesn't think of them as being secondary to being famous in the first place, or having a career that gets you in the spotlight (at the expense of time with the kids usually) that helps you get the award in the first place.


    Its just another perk of being in the famous club.

    PS Some people do actually deserve awards, I just don't think its always celebrities :)

    By Blogger Spleenie, at 11:00 pm  

  • Wouldn't it be great if kids were the only ones who could nominate for Order of Australia?

    You'd be in for sure Spleenie.

    The situation is much worse in the UK. I was speaking to an ex manager of mine who runs a govt administrative service in the UK for the DoD, (he's there as a subcontract manager or something.)There's a lot of MBA's who just sit around, not doing a great deal....waiting for their govt payout and the hope of an honour for basically just doing their job.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 2:49 pm  

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