Sunday, July 10, 2005

News from around the traps.

It's almost 7am on a very blustery winter's morning in the mountains. I've just done 6 straight 14 hour shifts and am going to report the goings on around the joint.

Just a couple of things about starting early in the morning. I'm on the turnoff to the highway at 4:30 am and have to give way to some other mad bastard who's up at that ungodly hour. I think to myself, "What's he doing on the road?" and then I think to myself I'm in the same boat. It's rare to get a clear turn on any morning. So a heap of us trundle to our places of work, our red eye plane to catch, our bread to deliver that sort of thing. Pop into a petrol/gas station to get some cigs and theres another bloke half asleep behind the counter. You can smell the nearby McDonalds firing up the breakfasts. On a Saturday morning there are a few night owls driving home from night clubs, still in their going out clothes...... but looking a little worn out.

It's a strange early morning world.

Anyway some news from the traps. I'm tending more and more to use my blog as a start page and use my links down the side. There's a small group who I visit daily or semi daily. One unique thing I've notice about a blogging "circle of friends" is that there are those on others lists that I don't visit but they do and there's ones on my list that I visit regularly and others don't.

Congratulations to young (in my frame of reference) Johnny the Horse on the news of his impending fatherdom and the aquiring of a car with a boot/trunk! The new blog template looks terrific, I'll do a post on the fleur-de-lys symbolism later today.

Peter has an insightful quote on the horrible London bombings. It peels a couple of layers beyond the standard media depiction.

In anycase, the sight of populations (Yanks & Brits) who are so willing to rain bombs down for years on people, acting so very especially astonished, seems beyond theatre. Pure pathological denial.

The good Inspector is back..... I'm a little late on this one.

Catalytic Convertor is blogging a little more regularly, must be getting his fibre.

Another "youngun'" Fulmination Dave whose profile is eerily similar to mine also has a good piece about the bombing in London. Yes the blurring between justification and a reasoned analyisis is a slippery slope.

Sleepy the music encyclopedia, was the first ever person I didn't previously know to comment on my blog, and we keep in loose contact ever since. I can sorta gauge my traffic via his who links to me counter. He has The Kinks song Mr Churchill regarding the London bombing.

Moff's a bit like me in his blogging habits, a flurry of activity followed by a couple of days in repose. Caffeine in beer? Perhaps try a Coors with a latte chaser.

And ye olde ringmeister..... Harry is Harry.


  • Hey Mountain Man. Thanks for that. I didn't even think of the boot/trunk translation on my blog. Mrs A and I will be up your way in August for an 80th birthday celebration in Leura. (My family are spread from Blackheath to Hazelbrook). We should organise to meet for a drink at some stage in a pub with a suitably roaring fire.

    By Anonymous Johnny The Horse, at 12:38 pm  

  • Sounds good to me, I'm not sure of the best pubs around Leura so shall HAVE to go and do a bit of research......thankyou very much.

    Four things there are no shortage of up here: pubs, cafes, antique stores and bookshops.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 2:59 pm  

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