Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Ok technically it's still winter but the signs due to perhaps climate change....(who knows???) are telling me that Spring is beginning to spring. I love Spring. As Robin Williams says, this is the time of year when nature says (in a great big exclamation of gusto),


The days are getting longer and warmer.....trees and shrubs that were once dead looking lifeless lumps of green mass, are suddenly awash with flowers, colours and forms of life that were once in hibernation........ birds that I haven't heard for ages are back....... ants decide that a trip to my kitchen sugar bowl is a good idea..... male magpies with their testicles swelling by 200%, making them, as we say downunder, a little "toey" and swooping anyone who dares come near their area.

Did I mention that I love Spring.....

Here's a few pics I took up and down my street.


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