Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Polly's Goose Step

Captured this morning. The cat couldn't care less.


  • Don't be fooled by the seeming insouciance. That cat undoubtedly knows wise old birds are not for dinner and has decided not to waste time trying.

    By Blogger J Alva Scruggs, at 12:01 am  

  • Needs some thought balloons.

    The feathery hoofer:
    "Boy, a tough audience, I tell, ya'"

    The cat audience:

    "The quality of the entertainment is going right downhill"

    By Blogger Peter (the other), at 10:27 am  

  • The cat, "Yea yea, so you can fly big deal, I can eat you, but you do not hear me bragging."

    By Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic, at 7:42 am  

  • I think the cat has come off second best against one of these parrots in the past, could explain the missing piece of ear.

    I never considered the show-biz side of it Peter, I was thinking more of one of those senseless parades that countries have on their national day, the show biz metaphor works better and I've promptly plagarised your idea on my FLICKR account.

    Ol' Blue, the cat is pretty well toothless, I have to mash up his cat foopd for him, one advantage is that mice and lizards he brings into the house live to see another day.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 6:57 pm  

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