Tuesday, May 17, 2005

.....updating the site via a PDA and an Iridium satellite phone

I’m going to keep updating the site via a PDA and an Iridium satellite phone (using a tweaked version of Wordpress that we’ll be releasing as open source once I’m back in June).

So states a young Brit, Ben Saunders who is off to Greenland to do some mobile blogging with a slew of sponsors. The Blog looks like a product placement for a clothing corporation, some adventure equipment manufacturers and a management resourcing centre whose website has photos of lot's of po-faced young turks looking earnest, serious and busy.

Looks like a good gig, if you can get it. Round up a heap of free stuff, try it out and then advertise the results using your blog. Kinda like the explorer of Buzzagent.

With the ".updating the site via a PDA and an Iridium satellite phone" thing. I was thinking that I could probably do this on my trip across the continent later in the year to attend this car rally, for next to nix and no sponsorship. I downloaded some software for my cell phone which allows you to access the internet and transfer data from PC to phone. There was a little bit of fiddling aound with PC settings to cope with an infra-red link but it seems possible via the desktop.

So I'm going to grab one of the 100's of a cheapy old laptops off of e-bay, load it up with some software, connect to the web via cell phone and hopefully do some mobile blogging in the Australian outback.

I'll need to add an extra 12V adaptor on the old Benz as the current one is smaller than the standard size and perhaps get a phone-to-laptop cable instead of using infra-red which is notoriously slow and requires a rather close line of sight connection. I'll need to find the dial in number of my ISP as I go across the continent.

But it looks technically possible and sounds like it would be kind of fun.


  • I was going to blog from Queensland, but the sheer difficulty of actually leaving the pub for long enough to remember where I left my laptop soon put an end to my high falootin' ideas.
    (Is that how you spell falootin'?)

    By Anonymous Johnny the Horse, at 7:49 am  

  • I see you have your prioritites in order.

    Falootin', falutin'.... I get the gist. How does one faloot anyway?

    By Blogger Johnno, at 7:55 am  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Telstream-Telecoms, at 10:31 pm  

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