Sunday, November 05, 2006

The beautiful side of Global Warming

So I'm here on this November morning with the Jacarandas outside in full "Jacaranda purple" bloom. Jacaranda are a useful barometer of the previous winter, a fully blooming tree indicating a particularly dry winter. They're been blooming pretty well in the past couple of years with what some may describe as the advent of global warming.

There's a femme fatale underneath that beauty.

I get an urge to photograph the below scene every November. A search reveals I missed 2004.

November 2006

November 2005

November 2003


  • Wow! I so love your photos, johnno. You have a great eye -

    By Blogger MaryB, at 3:06 am  

  • Yeah, great photos! But on the global warming issue... Didn't you hear that Bush declared there is no such thing?

    By Anonymous Winston, at 10:19 pm  

  • Thankyou both for your kind comments.

    Ah Mr bush must be right..... being the leader of tghe free world and all.

    BTW.....With all that extra CO2 in the atmosphere you can see the bamboo getting progressively bigger in the photos.

    By Blogger Johnno, at 8:40 am  

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