Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Fox Memo War on Terror MUST go on.

This is a week old, I just picked up on it this morning so maybe some of you haven't seen it either. It's via the Huffington Post.

Then there's this from Sir Keith Murdoch (Rupert's father's) bio at The Australian Dictionary of Biography!

These guys from the Australian 30's must have been wearing time machine goggles.

From the 1930s the 'Murdoch press' was widely criticized, especially in Labor quarters. Smith's Weekly condemned 'the would-be press and radio dictator' and the dangers of a chain of newspapers with identical policies. One enemy, Sir Frederic Eggleston, named Murdoch with R. A. G. Henderson and Frank Packer as 'vindictive populists', 'the major cause of the deterioration of Australian politics' in his lifetime. Murdoch had kept the 'loathsome Dunstan' in power in Victoria and had driven Eggleston and other 'intelligent liberals' out of State parliament.


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