Monday, November 06, 2006

Why I'll never make a Theatre critic.

I went to a rather good revue on a soggy, very wet Sunday night at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta, Westen Sydney.

And that's about where the review of the revue ends. I don't know..... I have difficulty actually remembering and describing what I see when I go to theatre and film, how some of these guys do it, I don't know.

The revue was The Wharf Revue team of Jonathan Biggins, Phil Scott and Drew Forsythe in their latest "Revue sans Frontieres"...... and was bloody funny biting satire.

Ok what can I remember? Most of it was directed at Australian politics, various jibs and jybes at the "established version" of things. Ex Prime Misister Paul Keating early on informing us he was the "Patron Saint of world's best practice parody to people who don't even know they haven't got it."

A quote comparing U.S. exit strategy in Iraq to a "corspe in a casket."

A guy dressed up in a stingray costume apologising profusely for what happened to Steve Irwin.

The Australian Democrats were still around in their socks and sandals with Bermuda shorts pulled up w-a-y too high.

And in probably the highlight Jonathan Biggins playing the role of a psychotic American officer in a very complicated monologue. I wish I could explain it....but I can't. It was superb writing delievered flawlessly.

See.... bloody hopeless.

One thing I did notice was I was one of the younger crowd, I'm not sure if kids these days know what satire is or not.

I enjoyed it a lot, I'll be there for their next installment.


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